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Farrier Tool Rebuilds & Farrier Supply

We can get rebuilt, repaired and resharpened old farrier tools, Rather than throw away your old, damaged and worn out farrier tools, send them back to us and we can get them fixed up! Guaranteed workmanship, competitive pricing We can service:

The rebuilds are done by a WellNGud Farrier approved service. 10% discount on orders of 2 or more rebuilds delivered back to the same address.

Once purchased, simply send your tools to us at the designated address (which will be included as an order note when you complete your purchase).

Please also ensure they are labelled with your name so we can verify them against your order. We will confirm receipt of your tools, complete the rebuild, and ship back to the address provided during checkout The processing time can be 1-2 months but it’s worth the wait.

We take great care that tools don’t get mixed up and mistakes are avoided. To help us keep track of what you send, please take a photo like below and then let us know what you are sending by filling out our online form here: http://wellngudfarrier.it

Contact us for pricing, times and service info before sending your tools.

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